Marine 3G/LTE Router & Gateway

The marine router connects to the internet by 3G/LTE high speed mobile network as soon as it is available. Provide internet access to crew and for all data communication like e-mails, file transfer, monitoring and more...

Automatic fallback to satellite connection if mobile network is unreachable.
Full automatic mode - no interaction from crew necessary.

Integrated access control - full manageable filter system to block unwanted data like streaming media, unwanted websites and malware sites.
The filter optimizes the use of the data volume and can be managed from shore at anytime the router is online.

Also the kind of application and access (E-Mail, Internet, File transfer) can be controlled and assigned to the 3G/LTE or satellite network. 

For example:
Only E-Mail traffic will be allowed by satellite connection.
The internet, file transfer etc. is blocked.


Router Content Filter

  • Content & App Filtering
  • Malware Mitigation
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Time-scheduling
  • Area Restriction Control
  • Black- & Whitelist